Ergonomics Training

Does your staff spend the day sitting at a workstation?
Are they uncomfortable?
Is their productivity affected?

According to research and experience, the answer is yes! It is imperative that each workstation is set up correctly for the individual.

Poor ergonomics, extended periods of sitting, awkward sitting posture and small repetitive movements can all result in work related pain and in severe cases, Repetitive Strain Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The physiotherapists at Ergotherapy have the knowledge of the body and the experience of workplace ergonomics to be experts at assessing every individual’s workstation. This ensures:

  • Prevention of injuries
  • Management of existing problems.
  • Optimal use of equipment
  • Maximising of comfort and efficiency

We have a variety of services that can be tailored to each client, whether you are a sole proprietor in a home office, or part of a large corporation.

Benefits of Good Ergonomics

  • Improved employee wellbeing
  • Improved productivity and performance: see study conducted in South African business in 2008
  • Increased awareness of posture, ergonomics and healthy work patterns
  • Decreased discomfort in the office
  • Reduced absenteeism and ‘presenteeism’ (being at work while sick but not really working)

Ergonomic screening

Ergonomic screening allows for early identification of problems areas. Our highly trained physiotherapists conduct assessments of the whole office to assess the need for intervention and accessories to maximise the workstation and correct any faults. This can be followed up with individuals assessment and training if needed.

Full reports of the identified problem areas as well as recommendations are given.

Individual workstation assessment and set up

When a more detailed analysis is required for individuals, the physiotherapist will conduct assessments of each workstation investigating the source of discomfort and optimising the workstation accordingly. This can be done for an individual working from home or a large company requiring multiple assessments.

Full reports of the identified problem areas as well as recommendations are given.

Ergonomic Lecture

A one hour training session covers the following topics and can be tailored according to the company needs:

Work related injuries

What causes back-pain, headaches, stiff necks & shoulders?

You and your workstation

Creating the right fit!

Optimise your desktop

Fitting your mouse, keyboard and phone around you!

Laptop use

Why laptops are causing problems and how to solve it


Stop deteriorating eyesight and dry, painful eyes!

Practical exercises

Without leaving your chair!


Stay comfortable - Stay productive!

Work routine

Change your work patterns to keep healthy!

It is recommended that individual workstation set ups follow the lecture, ensuring that the theory is practically implemented.

Full reports of the identified problem areas as well as recommendations are given.