Congratulations, you now have the right ergonomic office chair! We are here to assist you to set it up correctly, to ensure a magic workspace.

Chair Setup

Workspace Setup

GetOne® Ergonomic Office Chair

Fully customisable, the GetOne® range of chairs is physiotherapist designed to ensure exceptional back support during extended periods of seated work.

For easy tips on adjusting your GetOne® chair for optimal office ergonomics, download our easy step-by-step guide here:

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NetOne® Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair

The NetOne® range ensures that the curve in your lower back is always supported perfectly with its unique pivot lumbar support system.

Download our step-by-step guide containing easy tips to adjust and operate your NetOne® Mesh Back chair for optimal office ergonomics:

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Stretch Chart

All stretches should be performed slowly and carefully, and held for 30 seconds. They should never be painful. If you experience any discomfort, please consult a medical practitioner.

Ergonomic Setup

  1. Seated as far back in the chair as possible to feel the benefit of the lumbar support

  2. Feet rested flat on the floor - In order to be at the correct height in relation to the work surface, a footrest is recommended for shorter users.

  3. Hips slightly higher than knees.

  4. Armrests - Keep elbows close to your body, and shoulders relaxed down.

  5. Monitor - Top most line of monitor display at approximately eye level.

  6. Viewing distance - As far as possible while still seeing the screen clearly. Approximately arm’s length.

  7. Keyboard - Keep the keyboard in close proximity; keep your shoulders relaxed, elbows at 90 degrees and your wrists in line with your forearm; keep the mouse in close proximity and alongside the keyboard.