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For your child, the wrong chair is more than just a pain in the neck.

Your child will spend an estimated 23 years of their life sitting in front of a computer. Bad posture and time in a non-supportive chair can lead to back pain, musculoskeletal problems or worse.

GetOne® Junior ensures that the time spent sitting is painless & productive.

1. Height Adjustable Armrests
Grasp and raise or lower

2. Patented Lumbar Support
Designed by a physiotherapist, the lumbar area is angled and contoured to support the curves of the lower spine

3. Seat
Moulded foam seat with waterfall front edge

4. Ergo Control Lever
Lifting the lever to maximum will allow the backrest to move. Pushing the lever down locks the backrest at whatever angle it is currently at

5. Tension Adjustment
Turning this adjustment increases or decreases the resistance of the backrest. Clockwise - reduces tension Anticlockwise - increases tension

6. Height Adjustment Lever
Lifting the lever up while taking the weight off the chair will raise the height; holding the lever up while sitting will reduce height

7. Essential Footring
The adjustable footring ensures that your child can keep their feet supported which is essential for maintaining good posture.

Why get an ergonomic chair for your child?

60% of school children suffer from musculoskeletal back and neck problems caused by inadequate seating!

A 2005 study showed that 22% of children between the ages of 11 and 14 have already experienced lower back pain!

A European study found that 69% of children suffer lower back problems by age 16!

47% of high school pupils experience pain in wrists, 44% in neck and 41% in hands.


GetOne® by Ergotherapy is the most recognised ergonomic chair in South Africa.

Providing the right support in the right places ensures correct posture, comfort and concentration.

GetOne® Junior is adjustable, customisable & super comfortable, ensuring that kids stay healthy and focussed while seated.

A draughtsman-style footring provides excellent support and leg positioning.