I LOVE the chair. It is the best investment I’ve made this year!
I was told that I need a very dangerous neck operation in March 2012. My specialist said because he has to work so close to the neck nerves he would rather put it on hold for a while until the pain become absolutely unbearable. In April I bought a Get One chair and when I moved from company I insisted in getting a GetOne chair. Now in May 2013 I can happily say that my problem has improved with 80% and no neck operation is needed.
Well done with a excellent product.
I should have thanked you ages ago for sorting out my secretaries and myself. Everyone’s backs and moods are better, and I don't get the terrible headaches I used to get. I never thought that a chair and a few changes of office space could make such a difference to well being!
Almost 5 years ago, after a week long stay in hospital, requiring morphine & several more weeks of expensive recovery for a chronic back problem, it was obvious that I needed to take drastic action to improve matters
Working long hours at my desk I needed a stable & supportive orthopedic chair to help ensure I kept the correct posture required to keep a healthy back. My "Get 1" Ergotherapy chair proved to be a perfect solution, and after 5 years of intensive use, it continues to be one of the best investments I've ever made. I strongly recommend this chair to anyone who suffers, or who has suffered, from back problems.
Angela Hendricks and her Cape Town Sales Team also provide a superb service, ensuring rapid, problem-free delivery. This company is really outstanding!
Thanks, we have received our chairs and I would like to mention that these chairs are amazing and I can definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from back or shoulder pains!
What a pleasure to now actually enjoy working behind a desk and computer :)
Kind regards,
One of us sits hours at a computer, the other at a sewing machine. We are both greatly benefitting from your chairs. Delivery service was also excellent
Thank you for the efficient manner in which the purchase and delivery of my new chair was handled. The chair arrived yesterday afternoon. More important though is the fact that this is the best purchase of office equipment I think I have ever made. The chair is comfortable and adjusts exactly to the sitting position I need to work on my computer and at my desk. I have spent several hours at work today and have not felt the fatigue I experienced sitting in my previous, (pretty expensive), office chair. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Best wishes to you and good fortune to the Company, you deserve it.
My receptionists sit daily on the midback office chair. They comment on how comfortable the chair is and that they feel as if they are sitting upright. The visitors’ chairs in my reception/waiting area are great, my patients love them. They are durable, comfortable and supportive in the right places. They are also very sturdy and wide and really support the weight of my heavier patients. The Get One range office chairs are stylish and modern and they compliment the look of my practice. Thanks Ergotherapy!
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