Gary, I am a practicing professional of 8 years. I have never sat in a chair as comfortable as this loan chair.

It is the most extraordinary feeling going home in the evenings and my back actually feels rested.
A sensation I have actually never experienced and hence why I am making such a big deal out of it!
I love my chair and find it makes a big difference. Since using this chair I can sit longer working on my PC and can manage my lower back problem related pain much better. I found your service extremely efficient and friendly. Thank you very much!
I am 20 years old with a herniation between L4 and L5 on my spine. Being this young with such an injury is not a good thing I've been told and therefore we are trying to avoid surgery as far as possible. I've been told that as soon as I have unbearable pain, permanently, I have to get the surgery. Thanks to your chair I experience a lot less pain that before! I can definitely feel the difference in my lower back! The support your chair gives is absolutely fantastic and sometimes even lets me pain free when I've been studying a lot for long hours.
My chair arrived this afternoon and it looks great! I have also made payment this evening and have attached proof to this e-mail - please can you confirm if all is in order?

From my side, I wish more companies were as efficient and helpful as you have been. Clearly client service is at the forefront of your focus as a company (as is evident, for example, by only requiring payment once I have received the chair back, and not before the project starts etc.). I really appreciate all the assistance you and your colleagues have given me. Thank you so much :) 

Have a wonderful day - I look forward to using my chair over the coming months. 

I just received my chair in perfect condition. I hope this comfort lasts forever. It is the best purchase I have ever made, I feel absolutely no strain anywhere on my body, my lower back has never been supported this thoroughly/completely.

May God bless you all.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards
Thanks for your efficient, friendly service. All the staff love their ergonomic office chairs which are both well designed and comfortable and can be adjusted to suit individual needs. As we purchased our first chairs years ago we know they are very durable as well.  The moulded seat and back support improves posture and prevents backache and with an improved work environment comes better productivity. Thanks too for your good advice on our seating, desk and computer set ups. Much appreciated.
Kind regards,
My GetOne Ergonomic Chair was recommended by my physiotherapist after experiencing continuous headaches. Poor seating posture was to blame for the sustained tension in my neck and back causing regular headaches. 
The chair improved my posture immediately and consequently reduced the associated symptoms and pain.
I will definitely recommend the GetOne Ergonomic Chair….they should make it a must for every company
Kind Regards
We have been dealing with Ergotherapy since 2004.At this stage we only ordered directors chairs from them. The demand for their chairs grew at an alarming rate as more of our staff members discovered what the difference was to the previous chairs we used. During last year we replaced all our boardroom chairs as well as our Cape town chairs with their ergonomically designed chairs. Gary and the team have given us absolute excellent service at all times, both before and after sales. The added benefit of someone coming to show how the chairs must be used and attending to the individuals needs is priceless. We will definitely continue our relationship as and to when the need arise in the future.
Ergotherapy has been supplying African Bank with chairs and couches for the past two years.

Their service level is excellent, and all chairs are made of high quality.

In addition, they have a team of physiotherapists, who after installation of the chairs, come through and sit with each employee and align the chair to the employee’s posture, desk, etc.

I would highly recommend Ergotherapy as a supplier.

During recent months we completed our tender process for furnishing the new School of Public Health building. During this time we looked at various office furniture suppliers and, in particular, were concerned about the type of office chairs that we had to buy. After many deliberations, and with the very generous assistance and advice from the staff at CO Designs, we chose the “Get One” visitors chairs, as well as the “Get One” highback office chairs which were supplied by Ergotherapy. Our choice was not based on cost, but more on durability and comfort, bearing in mind that people spend most of their working time at a desk and computer.

I am hereby confirming that we are extremely happy with our choice. We were given personalized service from Ergotherapy, in that a qualified Physiotherapist was sent to assist each staff member in the building to set up his/her chair. We have now been using these chairs for 4 months and all staff are extremely happy with the product that we have chosen.

I can certainly recommend the “Get One” chairs from Ergotherapy in terms of comfort, style, quality and after-sales service.

Yours sincerely
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