I have struggled with lower back pain for 3 years experiencing most pain while working at my computer. It was recommended to me that I get in touch with Ergotherapy Solutions, physiotherapists who specialize in ergonomics and have designed an ergonomic office chair.
I was visited by Angela Hendricks, a physiotherapist from the company, who assessed my workstation and recommended purchasing one of their GetOne chairs. She also set me up correctly by providing the correct support for my feet, changing my monitor height and recommending a document holder.
Within a day I was already feeling much better. I ordered a GetOne chair and within a few weeks I received my wonderful chair. It provides excellent lower back support and is extremely comfortable. Angela then visited again to ensure that I was set up correctly in the chair.
I no longer experience any lower back pain -no matter how long I need to sit for and can honestly say that I am now comfortable and happy at my desk thanks to a great chair and the ergonomic set up that Ergotherapy provides.
I would strongly recommend this chair to anyone regardless of whether you suffer with spinal problems or not.
Netcare Group of Hospitals under Netcare Property Division has been using Ergotherapy Solutions for 3 years. Ergotherapy Solutions has been supplying us with their GetOne chair (MidBack, HighBack & Visitors) for various projects throughout the group.
We are very satisfied with their work ethics, quality of product and delivery turn around time. Even with extreme deadlines they have never failed to deliver and satisfy.
I was told that I need a very dangerous neck operation in March 2012. My specialist said because he has to work so close to the neck nerves he would rather put it on hold for a while until the pain become absolutely unbearable. In April I bought a Get One chair and when I moved from company I insisted in getting a GetOne chair. Now in May 2013 I can happily say that my problem has improved with 80% and no neck operation is needed.

Well done with a excellent product.
Been using the desk for over a month now, it's the best thing since sliced bread :-)
Never thought standing and working would be enjoyable, but actually prefer it over sitting now that I've experienced it for myself.
I just want to thank the staff a Ergotherapy for the professional manner in which they conduct themselves. I ordered two chairs from them which they delivered before the date they said it would be done. With the one chair i had requested a syncro mechanism as i thought that it would make my life easier. Turns out that the mechanism did not suit my body type at all. I contacted Ergo Therapy about this. They sent one of their staff (who is a qualified physiotherapist) out to come and assess the situation. She immediately saw the problem and they replaced the chair, no questions asked, with one that was better suited for my back. Most companies do not care what happens to their clients once they have made the sale. Ergo Therapy is one of those rare companies that care more about their customers than their bottom line.
I was thrilled to find Ergotherapy as a complete solution to my office desk needs. My custom-made office chair and laptop stand have already made a significant difference to my comfort. Having a physical disability, my needs were rather unique (I type using my foot!) so the physiotherapy input was extremely helpful and the foot-rest turned out to be the perfect platform for my keyboard on the floor! Thank you!
I just wanted to drop you a mail to thank you for your continued excellent service.  It is obvious that you genuinely care, not only about providing an excellent product, but more importantly that our patients enjoy them and do experience the benefits they are designed for.  I have not come across any other reps who go to the lengths you do for my patients, thank you.
I also appreciated Caryn popping in to introduce herself.  To me, this speaks volumes about the commitment you guys have to building a relationship with us as practitioners.
Lastly, and certainly not least, I regard Ergotherapy as a real asset to physiotherapy and the promotion of physiotherapists, as firstly, you have great products – designed and promoted by PHYSIO’s; and secondly, you very generously give us a large commission which is very appreciated.  Then my experience of your handling the ordering and delivery has been a very smooth and effortless process for us. 
The sponsoring of our physio meetings is also appreciated – your time and financial commitment and effort are noted.
Well done on a job superbly performed.
Firoz is absolutely enjoying his chair. The rubber on the wheels really prevent the chair from moving a lot. It's still early stages to comment on improvement in length of concentration but due to the comfort of the chair he is concentrating longer. The adjustments of the chair I do as he finds it a bit difficult to do them on his own. 

Thanks for a fantastic chair!
Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing chairs for my boys. All the adjustable parts (back rest, arm rest, height etc) makes it really adaptable to my 5 and 7 yr old. My oldest is a bit low toned and this chair really places him in the correct posture but allows him some freedom of movement as he finds sitting still for long periods of time difficult.
Ahhhhhh get one i looooove youuuuuuu!
do you realise that seriously i had the most hard-core back and neck problems - at physio's once a week it was absolutelly hectic i couldn't sleep. a new mattress didn't even do the trick.
I work craploads and i have never had back pain again since getting one.
i really am your biggest fan.
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