One of us sits hours at a computer, the other at a sewing machine. We are both greatly benefitting from your chairs. Delivery service was also excellent
Dear Lenette, Thank you for the efficient manner in which the purchase and delivery of my new chair was handled. The chair arrived yesterday afternoon. More important though is the fact that this is the best purchase of office equipment I think I have ever made. The chair is comfortable and adjusts exactly to the sitting position I need to work on my computer and at my desk. I have spent several hours at work today and have not felt the fatigue I experienced sitting in my previous, (pretty expensive), office chair. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Best wishes to you and good fortune to the Company, you deserve it.
My receptionists sit daily on the midback office chair. They comment on how comfortable the chair is and that they feel as if they are sitting upright. The visitors’ chairs in my reception/waiting area are great, my patients love them. They are durable, comfortable and supportive in the right places. They are also very sturdy and wide and really support the weight of my heavier patients. The Get One range office chairs are stylish and modern and they compliment the look of my practice. Thanks Ergotherapy!
I am completely satisfied with my chair. Even the kids are fighting to sit on it in my office. Purchasing this chair was the best investment I've ever made. I will definitely purchase my 2nd chair in the near future.
Ergotherapy was the catalyst we needed to review our working environment in order to invest in the well being of our staff. Thanks to the professional staff at Ergotherapy, we could make informed decisions as to how to improve our work environment and more importantly select a well designed and durable office chair that best suited our individual needs.
To whom it may concern: For the past few years we’ve been marketing the Ergotherapy Get One chair to all our patients with back & neck pain. The majority of our patients are people working in offices, sitting for long periods of time. We’ve found that the average office chair is not ergonomically designed and is lacking proper back support. This results in tight intervertebral and facet joints in the neck and back which then leads to muscle strain and spasm. The tension controlled back rest and patented lumbar support of the Get One chair provides all the necessary back support, eliminating excessive strain on the muscles and joints. Another major advantage is the adjustable armrests, allowing the patient to get as close to his desk as possible to get maximum support and comfort. We’ve found that our patients’ response to treatment and recovery is much better if used in conjunction with daily living aids, such as the Get One chair. All our patients who bought the chair are very satisfied customers and I personally prefer using this chair whilst doing administrative tasks. I would strongly recommend the use of the Get One chair for patients suffering from back and neck pain.
Dear Ergotherapy
I wish to confirm that I was 100% satisfied with the Get One chair I have recently taken delivery of, and equally satisfied with the prompt, efficient and friendly service that was provided.
The advice given regarding good seating posture has assisted me greatly and was in the circumstances much appreciated.
Kind Regards
To whom it may concern: This e-mail serves to confirm that : - Reinforced Earth (Pty) Ltd purchased ‘Get One ‘ chairs for all our staff from Ergotherapy in 2008. - The service of the staff that we dealt with at Ergotherapy was excellent (Lance, Lenette and the physio lady). The staff were always keen to assist us with whatever we required and kept us well informed of the progress of the delivery. - So far, all the staff at Reinforced Earth (Pty) Ltd are enjoying their ‘extra pieces’ of furniture which assist them in doing their work better, as they are more comfortable Thank you very much! Yours sincerely,
Hi Trace. Just wanted to let you know that both the older boys that have been using your chair (GetOne Junior) on a Tuesday were both completely slumped at the desk today, amazing to see how it truly supports good alignment and posture during table top work
Thanks, we have received our chairs and I would like to mention that these chairs are amazing and I can definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from back or shoulder pains! What a pleasure to now actually enjoy working behind a desk and computer.
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