Gary Arenson

Managing Director

+27 82 776 3504 |

While running his private physiotherapy practice, Gary quickly noted a high prevalence of work related injuries. In response, he left the clinical environment and developed the Ergotherapy Solutions corporate training program. It was while working with blue-chip companies that Gary realised that office chairs were completely inadequate. He then designed and developed the amazing GetOne® and NetOne® ranges of seating. Today, the Ergotherapy brand has transformed many workspaces across the country.

Tracey Palay

Johannesburg Consultant

+27 82 681 5424 |

Tracey Palay graduated from Wits and has worked in many different spheres of physiotherapy. A back injury 3 years ago necessitated surgery, and as a result, she developed an interest in products that would help others address back pain and ways to reduce work-related injuries. Tracey is based in Johannesburg and consults with physios and chiropractors, as well as organisations and individuals.

Lynda Stanton

Business Development Manager – Johannesburg and Pretoria

+27 82 498 5478 |

After 15 years in private practice, with a focus on Sports Recovery Therapy and Avoiding of Injury, Lynda has worked with a number of clients who have injured themselves because of bad posture or extensive sitting. It’s why she was so excited to become a part of the Ergotherapy team, herself being a big believer in prevention being better than cure.

Angela Hendricks

Cape Town Sales Manager

+27 82 851 7938 |

With a life-long dream of being a physiotherapist, Angela qualified in 2002 from the University of Cape Town. While working in private practice, she treated many patients who suffered from work related injuries due to poor ergonomics. This sparked a desire to help people in a different way. By correcting the ergonomics of her patients’ environments, she was now treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Angela joined Ergotherapy Solutions in early 2006 and now manages the Western Cape and Eastern Cape areas.

Caryn Stretton

Cape Practice Manager

+27 82 608 3998 |

Having run two of her own private practices, Caryn experienced first-hand the importance of advising patients on good ergonomics to holistically treat pain and symptoms. Caryn suffered from her own neural injury and decided to retire from practicing, but wanted to continue to help others through Ergotherapy. That’s because Caryn knows that with correct ergonomics there is no reason to be uncomfortable at your work station. Caryn deals with Key Accounts and Practice Management in the Western Cape.